Ira Flatow

Ira Flatow currently hosts and produces award winning weekly talk program Science Friday, now in it’s 22nd year on NPR. . His numerous TV credits include:  six years as host and writer for the Emmy-award-winning Newton's Apple on PBS and science reporter for CBS:  This Morning.

Ira Flatow is President of ScienceFriday, Inc, devoted to finding new and creative ways of keeping the public informed about developments in science and technology. Working in broadcasting since 1966  he has been covering science news as a journalist since 1970. Flatow is the founder and president of TalkingScience , a non-profit organization devoted to bringing science to young adults.  He has authored three books and many articles for magazines and newspapers. Ira has shared his knowledge about science and media as a guest on numerous television shows including Oprah, The Merv Griffin Show, Today, Regis and Kathy Lee, and CNN.  

Selected Professional Experience


Science Friday.   Executive Producer/Host.  Weekly science news talk-show, broadcast via NPR and PRI to 1.5 million listeners world wide, Podcast 24 million per year. 1991-present

Day To Day. Science/Technology reporter, NPR 2003-2006, NPR

Sounds Like Science. Host/Writer.  One hour weekly science and technology news magazine broadcast via NPR, 1997-1999.

All Things Considered, Morning Edition, NPR,  Producer, Science Correspondent, 1971-1987

WBFO Radio, Buffalo, NY. Reporter, News Director.  1969-1971


        The Big Bang Theory. Co-star. Sheldon and Leonard appear on Science Friay. Dec. 5, 2013

        The Big Bang Theory.  Co-star in episode where Sheldon is a guest on Science Friday, 2010

        Big Ideas. Host/Interviewer, 4 part series about frontiers of physics. PBS 2003

Maximum Science.  Discussions with scientists about current topics in the news.   Cablevision 2001-2004

The Patent Files.  Commentator for a  multi-part series about inventions.  The History Channel. 2001

Destination Future. A four part series about space exploration, urban development, energy and transportation.  The Learning Channel.  2000

Science and Technology News Network.  News Director.  Writing, editing , overseeing editorial content of weekly science and technology television programming, 1997-1999

Transistorized!   Executive Producer/Host/Writer.  One-hour PBS documentary about the invention of the Transistor.  Nov, 1999.

Earth Keeping.  Host/writer.  Four part Television series on environmental issue, PBS/WGBH.  1993

CBS News: This Morning . CBS News.  Science news reporter for morning news program, 1991.

CNBC Your Working Life. CNBC cable.  Reported on news relating to the world of hi-tech, 1990.

Inside Eddie Johnson. Nickelodeon. Wrote/edited three part cable TV series explaining human body to teenagers, 1995.

Not Just the News.  Fox Network. On-camera expert.  Twelve part children’s television series, 1992

Practical Guide To Environmental Shopping.  Host/writer for WQED/PBS special about environmental issues.  1990

Halley’s Comet Updates.  Thirteen part series, PBS/KTCA Minneapolis, MN. 1986

Newton’s Apple.  Host/Writer.  Emmy Award winning science television series.  1982-1987.  PBS/KTCA

Alert!.  Camera operator, technical assistant, morning news program, KHD-21, 1966-67


        The Great Planet DebateNeil deGrasse Tyson, Mark Sykes 2008


Present At The Future:  From Evolution to Nanotechnology, Candid and Controversial Conversations on Science and Nature

        They All Laughed... New York, HarperCollins.  Author

The Timetables of Technology.   Content writer for CD-Rom, 1997

Rainbows, Curve Balls and Other Wonders of The Natural World Explained. William Morrow & Co, Author

American Lawyer – Book Review (“Laser”)

Science Digest - "South Pole Science"

TV Guide - "Do You Know...?"

Scholastic News Times - "Diary of an Astronaut"

Current - "Cosmos", "Voyage of the Mimi"

Los Angeles Times - "Computer Hackers"

Woman's Day - "All About Fizz"


        2014 - Distinguished Visiting Fellow, University of California, Santa Barbara

        2014- Doctor of Humanities, SUNY Buffalo, Honorary

        2013 - Doctor of Science In Education, Muhlenberg College, Honorary

        2012 - Isaac Asimov Prize

2010 - Nierenberg Prize

2008 - Member Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering

2007 – National Science Teachers Assoc. Faraday Science Communicator Award

2005 – National Science Board Public Service Award

2005 – World Economic Forum, Media Fellow

2004 – California Nobel Prize Dinner, MC

2002 – Elizabeth Wood Award, American Crystallographic Assoc.

2000 – AAAS  Science and Society Award

2000 – Grady Washburn Award

1999 -  Carl Sagan Award - Association of Science Society Presidents

1996 - The Athena Award - Best On-line Program- SciFri Kids Connection

1993 - CPB Gold Baton- Talk of the Nation -  NPR

1992 - Women in Communications - Matrix Award Outstanding Communicator


Harvard Media Fellow – April 2005

Michigan  State University – May, 2002

University of Wisconsin, Madison - Nov. 1990

Brookhaven College - April 1989


National Association of Science Writers

American Federation of Television and Radio, Screen Actors Guild


American Association for the Advancement of Science

American Medical Association   Hewlett Packard

National Academy of SciencesJohns Hopkins Univ.

Sun MicrosystemsMass. Inst. of Technology

Harvard UniversityMedtronic

Google                             Culver Academies


State University of New York, Buffalo, BS, Engineering -1971